Livie Lou who’s most certainly no longer two

Olivia and I spent the morning at Quail Run for Kindergarten Roundup, and yet again, I found myself in a rather confusing state when it comes to this sweet girl. On one hand, it seems astonishing to me that she’s just now reaching this milestone. On the other, while she is already five, she is a very young five. Time expands and then contracts, I suppose.

Try as I might, it is hard not to draw comparisons between Olivia and her older sister. While Ava has always been incredibly mature, she has not been particularly outgoing. So Kindergarten Roundup for my eldest daughter brought a bit of concern on both of our parts.

Olivia is much the opposite – she has no problem jumping right into a new situation and making herself right home. And yet, she just seems so little. I even had to remind her to leave her blanket and her favorite stuffed animal – Sleeping Bunny – at home today.

Perhaps it has as much to do with birth order as personality–or even more likely, my own notions. Whatever the case, seeing my youngest daughter in her new role today made me realize my perception of her age means very little. Children grow up, whether we recognize it or not.

Olivia had a wonderful time this morning. She is incredibly excited to join her big sister at the schoolhouse up the street this fall…even if there may be a toy rabbit tucked away in her backpack those first few days.




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  1. Posted by Laura on April 20, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    That smile says it all: she is eager, excited, confident. She looks so ready to dive in!

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