Holiday preparations

Our holiday preparations started Thanksgiving weekend–given the crazy amount of travel we’ve planned for this month, we had to get an early start. And yet, somehow, the month is already more than half over!

We arrived back from Nebraska the Sunday after Thanksgiving weekend, opened the door and threw our luggage, then headed out to cut a Christmas tree from a nearby farm. It was windy, but warm–perfect for a hayrack ride. (It was not perfect for hauling a giant tree back on the top of your SUV, but we made it, despite 45 mph wind gusts.)

I selected a tree in record time–after all, 17 loads of laundry awaited me at home.

The following weekend, Doug and Karyl came down. We spent Saturday morning at the Old Fashioned Christmas Parade, where we paid for the warm weather from the previous weekend. Fortunately (?) my car battery died on Mass Street the night before, securing us a fantastic spot to watch the parade with friends.

Olivia–not one for serious winter wear–kept saying, “Mom, my eyeballs are cold.”

We kept warm with coffee and hot cocoa. Every five minutes, Bryan would say, “Wow, I wish we could turn on the car and enjoy the heat!”

The big girls didn’t seem to mind the cold.

Once the Pilot was back up and running, Bryan and I went to the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City while Doug and Karyl stayed with the girls. We had a great time watching the Big 12 Championship, though admittedly, it would have been better with a Nebraska win. We spent Sunday being grateful for grandparents and making a big dent in our Christmas shopping.

Last weekend, we attempted to make our way up to Nebraska to celebrate birthdays with Wyatt and Grampa Great. However, 45 minutes outside of Omaha, Olivia threw up. Between the blizzard and the desire to spare our families exposure to a stomach bug, we turned around and drove three and a half hours home, without seeing anyone. Bryan–in good humor–promptly proclaimed it “the worst trip to Nebraska EVER.”

We recovered at home, playing Candy Land and finishing Christmas shopping. While it wasn’t the weekend we had planned, we did appreciate a quiet day at home together.

I just returned from a three-day trip to Madison (with an extra night at the KC airport hotel due to an ice storm yesterday). It was fabulous to see Alisa, Melissa, Lori and Liana–the spa and the snow were pretty awesome, too.

So, while December has been a blur so far, we’re having a great time. We’re looking forward to the coming two weeks and all the gatherings they will bring. Hope the holidays are off to a good start where you are, too.

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  1. Posted by Doug Smith on December 16, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    I didn’t say much about Bryan’s Plaza shots two weeks ago – they are great! Thanks for a very funny post, Rebecca!

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