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Tis the season

Nothing says fall like highs in the 80s and steaming bowls of soup, right? Well, at least on one count, we’re enjoying the spoils of the season.

I used the last few potatoes Mom sent home from her garden to make Ina Garten’s Roasted Leek and Potato soup on Sunday. It was a good use for the bunch of arugula in our crop share this week, too.

I love the crispy shallots on the top, along with a bit of grated cheese.

Last night, Ava made this recipe for Sweet Potato Soup with Blue Corn Chips almost entirely by herself. We used leftover mashed sweet potatoes as the base, adding chicken stock, seasonings and a swirl of chopped chipotle peppers. The girls loved this dish, and the blue corn chips were a huge hit with them, too.

I’ve been using fat free Greek yogurt in place of creme fraiche and sour cream, and milk in place of cream for these soup recipes. Any other tricks or tips? What are your favorite fall soup recipes?