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Stages for which I am not ready

At the fair last weekend, I mentioned to Bryan that wasn’t really looking forward to having a teenage daughter, let alone two. They seem to be rather naked and loud these days, and that concerns me.

Granted, we do have a few lovely babysitters who go against the grain in that respect, so perhaps there is still hope. Nevertheless, my blood pressure increased a bit when Ava came home from preschool with a boy’s phone number scrawled across her homework.

It seems as though they are planning a trip, and they needed to spend some time on the phone to work out the details. (Thankfully, Ava assures me they both have their driver’s licenses, and they won’t need to borrow our car because Ava just bought one of her own online.)

I wrote this off as extremely creative play, until my mom (who, by the way, had two teenage daughters herself not so long ago) said something that made me picture my five-year-old packing up her belongings and letting herself out of the house at 2 a.m.

I suppose, though, I do have about 10 years before I have to worry too much about that, or about phone numbers from boys in general. Right?

In the meantime, I have this handy new meditation podcast that seems to be helping…