Boston bound!

Very early Thursday morning, the Bornemeier women took the Kansas City International Airport by storm. Destination: Boston. More specifically: Katie’s house.

Mom and Gramma had arrived the night before, and by 5:30 that morning, we were on our way. Four generations en route to the East Coast, plus enough luggage for a fifth.

Four generations, and–of course–Elmo.

I was more than a little nervous about traveling with a toddler and infant, but with Mom and Gramma along, it was a breeze. The standard electronic equipment and Pixar movies helped quite a bit, too.

We really didn’t check Olivia, I promise.

Here’s what we did check, though: A pack’n’play, an infant seat, an infant seat base, a gigantic suitcase that weighed in at exactly 50 pounds, a stroller, and two additional suitcases that belonged to Mom and Gramma. We carried on Ava’s carseat, a packed diaper bag, two additional bags, three purses, Elmo, and a baby.

Fortunately, Katie met us at baggage claim to help us out to the car. (And, by “car,” I mean the giant van Katie had to rent to haul us and all of our trappings around the city for four days.)

We were on our way!

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