To do

Today I attended mindfulness training. During what was supposed to be an exercise to focus solely on the physical act of breathing, I created the following mental task list.

TO DO (a partial list):

Be mindful
Worry less
Exercise more
Make time for friends
Spend time alone
Lean in
Be present at home
Go with the flow
Plan the work, work the plan
Drink less wine
Drink more water
Get more fresh air
Avoid sun exposure
Be more organized
Get more sleep
Get up earlier
Feel less guilt
Be better, generally speaking
Eat more leafy greens
Avoid starch and sugar
Find a creative outlet
Schedule free time
Stand instead of sit
Buy more comfortable shoes
Plant the garden
Play with the kids
Spend less time online
Blog more
Read a book
Write letters
Express gratitude
Remind Bryan that we’re nearly out of wine
Sign up for remedial mindfulness training

Girl Scout bridging ceremony

Ava joined Girl Scouts this year, and last night, she “bridged” from Brownies into Juniors. (This, by the way, was the first time it occurred to me she will be in FOURTH grade next year, which I’m certain is unreasonable, if not entirely impossible.)

photo 3


During the ceremony, they sang the same Girl Scout songs I sang some 27 (!) years ago, and then shared their favorite parts of the year. (Ava enjoyed learning about France and creating inventions.)  Her friend Sophia is in red on the far left, and her friend Kayin is just to her right. In all, there are about 20 girls in her troop.

photo 1


photo 2


Congrats, Ava!

photo 4

Owen fix



On Friday evening, we ventured up the hill to dye Easter eggs with the neighbors. Owen happily hung out well beyond his 7:30 bedtime. And, here he was at nearly 9 pm last night . . . While I always enjoy some extra time with this cute little guy, I hope we don’t have a night owl on our hands.

Happy Easter!

We visited my friend Jill’s chicks yesterday–just five days old and incredibly cute. Livie asked first if she could keep one, then just suggested instead they name one “Liva.”


Olivia fix

Olivia always has the BEST bedhead.


San Diego, for a day

It seems like more than a month ago, but I think it was just the week before last that Bryan and I traveled to San Diego. Bryan was there for a conference from Friday through Wednesday, but my trip was a bit shorter. We flew in Friday afternoon, and I was home by 5 pm the next day (just in time to host a sleepover for Ava–more on that soon).

It was a quick trip, but that’s just the way I like it: Plenty of time to enjoy a bit of warm weather and none of the worry about leaving the kids for more than a night. We owe thanks to Katie and Tom–they made this little excursion possible.

Don’t tell the kids, but we spent most of the day at the San Diego Zoo–a spot that was new to both of us despite a handful of previous trips to the city.

photo 2


The kids were never far from our minds, of course, or our conversation…

photo 1

We stayed in the Gaslamp Quarter, and we had drinks at the fantastic place where I’d held an alumni event a few months before. Then, we found a rooftop bar nearby and watched the sun set over the bay. Sushi for dinner at Nobu rounded out the trip, and I had a quick and uneventful flight home.


photo 3

photo 5

photo 4



Ava Fix

It took a few years, but the training wheels are off our first cyclist’s bike!



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